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Donna Shillinglaw
Anxiety Therapist & NLP Coach

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Donna Shillinglaw - 2 Year Member

Anxiety Therapist & NLP Coach Ayrshire

A New Chapter Coaching
Anxiety Therapist & Life Coach Ayrshire


I am an Anxiety Therapist who is passionate about helping people with Anxiety, Depression, Low Confidence, Phobias, Feeling Stuck, and Dark or Suicidal Thoughts...

I offer a complimentary, 45 minute, face to face (or telephone) initial consultation. This allows you to meet me, have a chat and I’ll let you know how I can help you. Trust is very important to me and this is just the start of building that relationship.

I am Ayrshire based and cover various locations across Ayrshire and Glasgow.

I’ll start with what is my why? Why do I do what I do?

Examples of comments I hear from clients –

  • I’m not good enough
  • No one likes me
  • I can’t leave the house people will judge me
  • My head is so full I can’t think straight
  • I look for my anxiety as soon as I wake up
  • My thoughts scare me
  • I hate school
  • I can’t go on holiday as I’m scared of flying
  • My head is such a mess I can’t study
  • I don’t want to be here any more
  • There are germs everywhere
  • I don’t like myself
  • I was abused as a child and now have nightmares
  • I feel stressed and have forgotten how to relax
  • I don’t know who I am anymore
  • I was bullied at school
  • I’m having 6 panic attacks per day

So my why is I genuinely want to help people and free them from their thoughts.

I want to make it easier to talk about mental health and show people how to learn to smile again.

How can I do this?

I offer a safe space to talk and build up trust. I listen to people, show empathy and understanding , tailor therapies to suit their individual needs and discuss coping strategies for the future.

I also offer a free 45 minute online initial consultation. My sessions thereafter are 90 minutes / 2 hours so that person never feels rushed.

Who can I help and what other support can I offer?

I’m better with 12 years old and over. The majority of my clients are 16-25 and initial contact is normally from a parent worried about their son / daughter. I also have clients in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s with oldest so far being 76.

I can help teenagers suffering from anxiety, worried about exams, bullied in the past, overwhelming feelings of not being good enough.

I can help all age groups with phobias such as a fear of flying , free them from traumas, incidents in the past , sort out tangled mess of thoughts in their head, feelings of overwhelment to give just a few examples.

Majority of my work is 1:1 with clients but can also support with small groups of people in schools, workplaces, charities, parent counsel for example.

I can also do 1:1 group work giving hints and tips for stress/ anxiety relief using guided meditations / hypnotherapy to relieve anxiety.

I will always contact person within 24 hours and create a safe space for person to talk at ease.

I hope this gives you an idea of what I can do and how I can help.

Donna, A New Chapter Coaching helping to free people from their thoughts

I use following techniques to help, support and guide you,
either on a one-to-one basis or in a group session.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Ayrshire

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Hypnotherapy - Ayrshire


Life Coaching - Ayrshire

Life Coaching

Counselling - Ayrshire


Havening Techniques - Ayrshire


Emotional Freedom Therapy(EFT) - Ayrshire

Emotional Freedom Therapy(EFT)

What our clients say

When I first met Donna at an anxiety event, I could barely stand properly because I was so anxious – she was practically holding me up. For 2 years prior I had suicidal thoughts frequently and woke up every day with a horrible feeling of dread. I genuinely thought that I would never feel happy again and I had absolutely no confidence in myself. But Donna equipped me with all of the techniques I needed to get myself back on track again. She was always so kind, encouraging and understanding. And I really loved that she let me take things at my own pace, I never felt overwhelmed or pressured to do too much too soon.

I now wake up feeling positive and thankful that I am in control. Thank you so much Donna for giving me my confidence back. You truly saved my life!

CK, Perth

Donna has been key is transforming the life of our family. I came to Donna with my 13 year old son who was having trouble and anxiety at school. He was hating school and leaving early, missing classes. Some days he refused to go in. I thought he was just being difficult and lazy and his behaviour spilled out into home life causing disruption for everyone.

I was very sceptical that he would open up to Donna and he agreed to see her very reluctantly. After only 2 sessions we noticed a massive difference in him and his attitude towards school. Donna gave him simple techniques to follow if he was feeling anxious or panicked. He still gets worked up but much less often and calms down much quicker. He tells her how he has been feeling and school is not a problem anymore. This has all resulted in a much happier family life. We owe this to Donna

AL, Troon

I went to see Donna because my daughter told me to as she thought I was struggling. I thought I was doing just fine!

I initially went just to keep my daughter quiet, but even after that first meeting, I found I was feeling better about myself and how I saw things.

Over the weeks, my meetings with Donna really helped me towards unscrambling all my muddled thoughts and feelings and improved my understanding of things that had shaped me over time.

Donna is perceptive and compassionate. She is very easy to talk to, never intrusive and I found that I trusted her completely.

She showed me ways to manage my stresses and I have found that so useful.

I really wish I had come across this earlier.

As a retired secondary school teacher, I could see that many of the pupils in my classes found it so hard to navigate their teenage years. I’m sure that's still happening now, and I think Donna could help these young people to understand their world and help them build up resilience.

Donna's patience and understanding means I could recommend her to all needing a helping hand to find calm and acceptance.

CK, Glasgow

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