Benefits of the BNI

We're looking out for new visitors to give business to

Being a part of the BNI Magnum chapter is like having your own team of sales people working for you. Members will be carrying your cards and referring your business to people they meet. Successful businesses depend on 'word-of-mouth' marketing as the best form of promotion there is.

BNI provides a structured, supportive, business environment in which local business people get together to network, learn new marketing skills and develop strong personal relationships that lead to trust and the consequent generation of business for each other.

'Its not net-sit or net-eat its net-work' - Ivan Misner PhD Founder and CEO of BNI

Compare the value - word of mouth marketing really works!

Most businesses advertise. We would never suggest that you stop your advertising. What we ask is that you "Compare the Value". The cost of a single insertion of a small display advertisement in a newspaper today can run between £200 and £2,000. Sending out flyers by mail can be equally expensive. The small investment to get into BNI is the most efficient and cost effective way there is to get new business, and is tremendous value!

Business through referrals

As you probably know, it is much better to do business with people who trust you. The referred lead is normally a much better prospect than someone you’ve never met or spoken with before. In general referrals:

  • are easier to close
  • have far fewer complaints
  • bring more loyal customer
  • remain clients longer
  • are more trusting

We also tend to prefer referrals because they bring in customers at little or no cost. Cold calling can waste an enormous amount of time for the few sales it may generates. Advertising, even when targeted to specific markets, can still be relatively inefficient. But a single referral can start a chain reaction of business, as one customer recommends you to others, who then, in turn, tell people they know who could use your products or services.

If you would like to find out more about how you can generate a steady flow of referral business for yourself in our BNI Chapter, come and visit us and judge for yourself!

What our members say

BNI is the most successful business networking referral organisation in the world. What could BNI do for you and your business?

BNI is build on trust, building relationships and accountability. It has taught me how to network effectively and it offers better value than other networking groups.

Donna Shillinglaw - Anxiety Therapist & NPL Coach

BNI is really committed to Lifelong Learning and development of skills. I can’t think of any other networking organisations that do that. I highly recommend BNI membership to any business that is serious about being successful.

Debbie Sutherland - Website Designer

Current Business Vacancies

Are you a local Ayrshire business that could handle more customers? Please contact us for more information.

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Visitors are warmly welcomed to see how we work, please contact us if you would like to join us.

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